Can I topup my loan?

Can I topup my loan?

Most of our Members can top up their loan. If you have an EasyPlan loan, your outstanding loan balance must be £200 or less. Select loans must be 50% or less of the loan value. 

If this is your first loan with us then you will need to settle your loan in full before you can borrow again.

We do usually increase the limit to £300 in the months before Christmas, to give our Members a bit more financial flexibility at this time when most of us feel a bit of pressure.

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    • Are there any penalties if I want to pay off my loan early?

      Unlike some lenders, you can pay off your credit union loan early at any time with no financial penalties. 
    • How do I sign for my loan electronically?

      For most of our Members there’s no need to visit our customer counter to sign for your loan. We will email a link to your loan agreement, tick the box to accept and we complete the rest.  Here’s our helpful video on how to sign for your loan ...
    • When do I make my first loan payment?

      If paying by Child Benefit or other benefits then your first loan payment will be taken from the next benefit payment paid to the credit union. Standing Order and Payroll Deduction payers will be taken from the next due payment. However, if your ...
    • Can I continue to save while I repay my loan?

      Yes! In fact all our borrowers save at least £3 weekly or £12 monthly while they pay off their loan. We know it can be hard to save and this is a simple way to build up some savings for when you need it. Savings mean you have choices and might not ...
    • How do I upload bank statements?

      We do need to assess income and expenditure as part of a loan application which is why we ask for three months' bank statements. Want a faster loan decision? Members can share their bank statements with us using OpenBanking-just follow the link ...